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Mantis EC Botanical Insecticide/Miticide Concentrate - 1 Quart

Mantis EC Botanical Insecticide/Miticide Concentrate - 1 Quart

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How would you like to keep your plants free of insects and spider mites using the same class of professional products available to organic commercial farming operations?

So many so called "organic" insecticides are wishful thinking but Mantis EC is a commercial grade biopesticide that provides a level of pest control trused by professional pest control advisers and organic commercial growers. 

That's becasue Mantis EC is a true concentrate with ultra-low use rates that kills soft-bodied insects and spider mites FAST with unbelievable knockdown power.

Pest Spectrum:  Spider mites and soft bodied, piercing and sucking insect pests such as: aphids, beetles, caterpillars (early stages), flies (maggot stage), spider mites, mealybugs, scale (crawler stage), thrips and whiteflies.

Size:  1 Quart (32 fl oz).  Makes 16-32 gallons of spray solution!

Mantis EC Label  |  SDS  |  OMRI Certificate